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Tucked away between the rich culture of Provence and the beautiful coast of St. Tropez, is a curvy and narrow road that winds its way through parts of the southern French countryside. It was while riding along this road a few years ago that I came upon a beautiful field of flowers growing wild and free. When I pulled to the side of the road, I got out and just stood there taking in the natural beauty and the amazing fragrance that the warm breeze blew all around me. I knew at that moment that I had to capture that scent and bring it home.

I have long had a passion for fragrance. Growing up with two older sisters, I would often sneak a spray, a spritz or a splash of their favorite perfumes. As a teenager, I splurged on the best scents I could afford and cherished every one. Now, I have the opportunity to take my enduring appreciation for luxury fragrance and my love for the scents of wildflowers that only nature can create, and bring them together in my very own perfume.

The moment I decided to take on this adventure, I dedicated myself to it. My study of the art and history of perfumery has been an incredible journey, even bordering on obsession. I have traveled the world and met with the most respectable industry professionals on my quest to educate myself. I have walked fields of flowers and taken in ocean breezes from rocky bluffs. I have worked closely with all of my talented team members, including world renowned perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran who collaborated as the “nose” on the fragrance, to produce what I believe is the essence of the sensation and feeling that I so wanted to capture in a bottle on that windy road and share.

The result is the creation of Truly Yours Parfums and the launch of our first fragrance, Reisa – which means laughter and is named after my daughter. Every part of Reisa, from the scent to the bottle to the packaging and message was conceived and created with the finest ingredients, talent and resources. It is subtle enough to become your signature yet distinctive enough to feel magnificent and, because we are only producing a limited supply, exclusive enough to feel truly your own.

But Truly Yours Parfums is more than just about fabulous fragrance. My family’s passion for philanthropy and desire to do as much as we can to make this world a better place will also play a fundamental role in Truly Yours Parfums. I was inspired to create a niche fragrance that exemplifies a new definition of luxury while empowering people as well as promoting individuality, inner strength and generosity for the woman who wears it. Truly Yours Parfums will work hand-in-hand and share its profits with organizations aligned with these objectives, helping people to realize their dreams and ambitions. It was my dream to blend these worlds together and unite them into a single purpose. With the creation of Truly Yours Parfums, that wish has at last come true.

It is my dearest hope that Reisa will inspire you to live beautifully, give yourself generously, and make your own dream a reality.

Truly yours,

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Sheba is a member of the prestigious Fragrance Foundation.

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