Truly Yours Parfums Love Letter

Can you believe we are a few days away from the beginning of March already? Looking back on 2016, it was certainly a great year filed with new discoveries! At Truly Yours Parfums, we are preparing for spring and sharing a few of those discoveries of what to find, do and see in Los Angeles to feed your soul and relax.

Champagne, French, Italian, Spanish, a California Cabernet? Woodland Hills Wine offers it all and then some. This is my go to place to purchase a bottle to take to a dinner with friends, a case (or two) to serve at a party or wine to send as a gift. Every visit, I am introduced to something new and it never disappoints. The knowledgeable staff is on par finding a wine to suit every taste and budget. They also carry a wonderful selection of Scotches and Cognac. Did I mention there’s a wine tasting bar in the corner too?

Be Inspired
If you are in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, March 19th, the Women With A Purpose Conference is not to be missed. My dear friend and radio personality, Lisa Garr, will be a guest speaker and promises a day where women will be inspired, enlightened and entertained. Out of a tragic accident and brain injury, came a passion for Lisa to make a difference in the world. Since 1999, Lisa has hosted “The Aware Show,” a daytime talk radio program featuring best-selling authors and experts in the fields of spirituality and healing. Lisa’s commitment to lifelong learning is her daily practice that keeps her motivated and living a life filled with meaning and deep conversations that she can share with the world. This conference is sure to help us all grow, be empowered and inspired.

In the Bu, you will find the newest addition to Malibu Village, Objects With Purpose. Owner, Ianthe Mauro describes the shop as “where Paris flea market meets Malibu beaches.” Ianthe’s unique candle creations are non-toxic and made locally with all natural ingredients. I love walking into Objects With Purpose and instantly being surrounded by the intriguing scents of rose, sandalwood, spiced saffron and my favorite, dirt rich (an intoxicating combination of wood and vine). While walking through the store, I noticed some interesting vessels Ianthe had on display and I mentioned to Ianthe that I had a beautiful vintage tea set and not sure what to do with it. She encouraged me to have her pour scented candle wax into the tea set for my home! “We can place a candle in any vintage piece or vessel made of glass, metal, wood or china,” she said. Ianthe and her staff hand pour on the premises and it is typically ready in a week. What a great gift idea!

Don’t forget….our flash sale on the Eau de Parfum on Sale for $125 through February 28th! No promo code needed.

Until next month…. Truly Yours, Sheba

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Spending the Holidays in NYC?

Spending the Holidays In NYC?

I’m sure like most of you, I absolutely love the holiday season. The fresh crisp air, the smell of fresh pinecones in my home and let’s not forget the holiday music and decorations! To me, this time of year is also about giving gifts, giving gratitude and giving back. Read on about a few of my favorite places to indulge and imbibe in NYC for the holidays as well as two non-profits near and dear to my heart. Let the holiday season begin!


New York City is certainly one of the best cities in the world to visit over the holidays. The hustle and bustle invigorates me. I love that the city truly never sleeps. You can find a great meal at 12:30am, a fabulous pair of shoes at 9pm and a great blow-dry at 5:30am! The stores are decorated to entice us to come in, feel welcome and get into the holiday spirit. If you need a break from the crowds, then the suburbs and beaches are a short drive away. I have a feeling this may be on my family’s places to visit this season.

A few months ago in Los Angeles, I met Kristyn Smith, co-owner of Smith & Brit. We immediately began talking beauty and I promised I would visit the boutique on my next trip to NYC. Flash forward to October…Walking into the store I was immediately greeted by co-owner, Claire, with a lovely British accent welcoming me to the store. This luxe, unique spa/boutique in Chelsea is the perfect place to unwind or find the perfect products to help you relax. Kristyn and Claire have a keen sense for selecting quality, natural, and exclusive product lines. The music, décor, British accent, and top of the line products, makes Smith & Brit the go to place for facials, spa services and pampering products.

I left my heart in Brooklyn. This was true love at first sight. I told myself, I will not like this store because I had done some shopping damage earlier in the day. In about 10 seconds, those resolutions went out the door that I walked in! The luxurious feel of the Acne Studios Wool Coat paired with the Isabel Marant cropped wool pant made me ready to take on meetings the following day. Bird is the perfect Indie shop to find the must-have pieces for your wardrobe that everyone else will not be wearing. They carry impeccable selections from Prozenza Schouler, Ullah Johnson, Alexander Wang to Rag & Bone and more.

When I first spoke with Eric Weiser over the phone in September, his enthusiasm made me want to immediately take the next flight out to visit this swanky fragrance boutique. Several weeks later, upon my first visit to the Brooklyn storefront selling niche, local and imported fragrances, it smelled like entering fragrance heaven. The staff was lovely, knowledgeable and attentive, eagerly assisting to find that perfect unique fragrance gift for a friend. Twisted Lily is unlike any other perfume store or fragrance boutique. Give yourself time when you visit this gem of a store, because you will certainly want to peruse the shelves, sniff and spray to find that perfect scent.

The trendy, hip Meatpacking District has always been a personal favorite spot for me. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by some of the world’s best music, art, shopping and scenery all within steps of each other. Being able to walk the High Line Park then pop into one of my favorite shopping meccas – DVF!—the day was complete. Entering the doors of the 6-story, 35,000-square-foot design studio and flagship Diane Von Furstenberg store is awe-inspiring. DVF is not just a brand known around the globe for creating the infamous wrapdress. DVF is an iconic woman who symbolizes class, philanthropy, family, and style. On a personal note, I’m a believer in everything happens for a reason. The day I stopped by the DVF store, it was not on my agenda to be in that area. On a whim, I requested Uber drop me off at the store since I had some extra time before heading to dinner. Unknowingly that morning, I dressed in my favorite DVF black sheer pussy-bow blouse. The sales-staff mentioned they had just received a few sizes of the same blouse and asked where I purchased it because it was just released and the pussy-bow was all over the national news that week. I had purchased the blouse on a recent trip to Europe! Who knew the pussy-bow would be headline news?

Attracting 6 million locals and tourists annually, Chelsea Market is one of the greatest indoor, urban food halls in the world. No joke! I made my way around sampling, taste testing and making new friends while it was pouring rain outside. If you are a local, make your way there. If you are a tourist visiting the city, make your way there. Over the holidays, Chelsea Market also has a great concert series on the first Friday of the month and a running photography exhibit. Indulge and Imbibe.

The mission of Extended Family Charity is to reward, inspire, and empower hard working single parents. Extended Family is a 100% volunteer charitable organization established exclusively for the purpose of offering financial assistance to hard working single parent families. They assist with necessities such as food, clothes, housing, transportation and medical needs. In addition to expenses related to education. Single parents and their kids need your help over the holiday season.

Courage. Strength. Believe.
The Kevin Cordasco Foundation: Something Yellow is committed to raising awareness and much needed funds to benefit the many heroes of childhood cancer. The Foundation’s inspiration, Kevin, was taken from us at 16 years, 7 months and 11 days old. During his 7 year battle, Kevin shared his story openly and spoke out for childhood cancer. Along with his parents, Kevin recognized that there are deficiencies in the system. Teens are often a forgotten sector in childhood cancer treatment programs and even social outreach. As a whole, childhood cancer receives less than 5% of the US funding for all cancers – a problem that we need to change. Their efforts are designed to support the mission that Kevin began during his nearly 7-year battle with neuroblastoma. 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20. That means approximately 15,700 parents will hear the words, ‘your child has cancer’ each year. To drive awareness, Something Yellow holds annual campaigns and the proceeds from the fundraisers support projects that improve life for children, teens and adolescents battling cancer, as well as the research community with the hopes of finding a cure. By wearing something yellow or making a contribution to the foundation, you are honoring the heroes of childhood cancer.

Until next time when we focus on Los Angeles…. Truly Yours, Sheba

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