Truly Yours Parfums Love Letter

Can you believe we are a few days away from the beginning of March already? Looking back on 2016, it was certainly a great year filed with new discoveries! At Truly Yours Parfums, we are preparing for spring and sharing a few of those discoveries of what to find, do and see in Los Angeles to feed your soul and relax.

Champagne, French, Italian, Spanish, a California Cabernet? Woodland Hills Wine offers it all and then some. This is my go to place to purchase a bottle to take to a dinner with friends, a case (or two) to serve at a party or wine to send as a gift. Every visit, I am introduced to something new and it never disappoints. The knowledgeable staff is on par finding a wine to suit every taste and budget. They also carry a wonderful selection of Scotches and Cognac. Did I mention there’s a wine tasting bar in the corner too?

Be Inspired
If you are in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, March 19th, the Women With A Purpose Conference is not to be missed. My dear friend and radio personality, Lisa Garr, will be a guest speaker and promises a day where women will be inspired, enlightened and entertained. Out of a tragic accident and brain injury, came a passion for Lisa to make a difference in the world. Since 1999, Lisa has hosted “The Aware Show,” a daytime talk radio program featuring best-selling authors and experts in the fields of spirituality and healing. Lisa’s commitment to lifelong learning is her daily practice that keeps her motivated and living a life filled with meaning and deep conversations that she can share with the world. This conference is sure to help us all grow, be empowered and inspired.

In the Bu, you will find the newest addition to Malibu Village, Objects With Purpose. Owner, Ianthe Mauro describes the shop as “where Paris flea market meets Malibu beaches.” Ianthe’s unique candle creations are non-toxic and made locally with all natural ingredients. I love walking into Objects With Purpose and instantly being surrounded by the intriguing scents of rose, sandalwood, spiced saffron and my favorite, dirt rich (an intoxicating combination of wood and vine). While walking through the store, I noticed some interesting vessels Ianthe had on display and I mentioned to Ianthe that I had a beautiful vintage tea set and not sure what to do with it. She encouraged me to have her pour scented candle wax into the tea set for my home! “We can place a candle in any vintage piece or vessel made of glass, metal, wood or china,” she said. Ianthe and her staff hand pour on the premises and it is typically ready in a week. What a great gift idea!

Don’t forget….our flash sale on the Eau de Parfum on Sale for $125 through February 28th! No promo code needed.

Until next month…. Truly Yours, Sheba

by trulyyours